About Us



Who are we and what are our aims?

Trinjan, based in Hounslow was founded in April 2004. The main aim of Trinjan is to empower and motivate women by providing a platform to

Our Monthly Meeting and what do they offer:

These meeting form an important part of Trinjan services for women. We have had numerous talks, live demonstrations and focus groups on issues related to health, environment and safer communities :

Our meetings are educational, interesting and full of fun at the same time. There is a really good social aspect at the meeting. There is always a time to share a joke and enjoy a song. It’s a good way to enjoy an evening after a long day at work

We meet once a month on the last Wednesday of each month.


There are three to four fundraisers every year. A great deal of planning goes into each event to make it a memorable occasion. Entire families are encouraged to participate and make a contribution towards each fundraiser be it designing a poster/banner/flyer, selling tickets, presenting on the stage, running a quiz, manning the entrance, or organising raffle. Participants get excellent exposures to a range of activities. The events also help to enhance one’s confidence and composure. Families are encouraged to join in for raising funds.

Individual Fundraiser Initiatives


Members are encouraged to use their own initiative to take part in their chosen fundraiser activity or adventure. Five members took part in the Flora Light Women Challenge in Hyde Park in London in September 2004. Half Marathon Run in Reading was undertaken in March 2005.

The Sahara adventure and walking the Great Wall of China were exceptional challenges undertaken by members to raise funds in November and March 2005.