Recipes – Breakfast


    • Seville orange marmalade

      Seville orange marmalade

      INGREDIENTS One Kg of Seville oranges. Seville oranges are the key ingredient for this delicious, tangy marmalade, they are in season from Jan to the end of Feb. 2.5 liters of Water One 6ltr Stainless steel pot, large enough to handle the rising boil towards the end of cooking. One Jam/Marmalade thermometer. 5 Jars for potting … Continue reading "Seville orange marmalade"Read more...
    • Homemade Granola

      Homemade Granola

      INGREDIENTS Porridge oats – 300 gm Flaked almonds – 100 gm Pumpkin and sunflower seeds mixed – 100 gm Maple syrup – 125 ml Honey – 2 tbsp Extra virgin coconut oil – 2 tbsp Vanilla essence – 1 tsp Black raisins – 100 gm METHOD In a bowl mix the oats, almonds and seeds. … Continue reading "Homemade Granola"Read more...
    • Panjiri


      Welcome to Brinder’s kitchen. I show you how to make a quick and nutritious ‘Panjiri’ packed full of minerals, vitamins and fibre. A Panjiri is a healthy energy mixture and in this recipe I make it protein rich by using black chickpeas (kala channa) as the main ingredient. The panjiri helps lowers Cholesterol, stabilises blood … Continue reading "Panjiri"Read more...
    • Besan Puras (pancakes)

      Besan Puras (pancakes)

      INGREDIENTS Makes about 10 puras   1 bowl besan ( 180gm approx) 2 heaped tbsp of self-raising flour 1 bowl finely chopped methi Hand full of chopped dhania Half a bowl of finely chopped spring onions Heaped tsp Roasted jeera slightly crushed Green chilli to  taste finely chopped Salt to taste 2 heaped tsp of chat masala 1 heaped tsp garam masala or kitchen … Continue reading "Besan Puras (pancakes)"Read more...
    • Bajra roti

      Bajra roti

      INGREDIENTS Half a courgette shredder -shredded  Onion finely chopped  One carrot shredded Methi; coriander or spinach Chilli one finely grated to your taste Now for the spices Salt, spoon of haldi fresh ground pepper  Little Jawain crush it with hand to release flower  Cumin seeds  SaltRead more...